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What am I?

Riddles & Puzzles

Below are a collection of "Who am I" riddles and puzzles for you to solve. Some are simple and the answers quite obvious, others are quite difficult and may take you a while to work out. So get puzzling now!


Don't miss the point!
Sound of . . .
Eight to spare
On the wing
Telling Tales
The End?
Pea and Robber
Gone to pot
I turn round
Lethal Mix
Over and Under
Object of Desire
The cat's best friend
Track of Silver
Count Dracula ?
Two Words
Two Faced ?
Day by Day
Fast and Slow
Underground - Overground !
I never walk
A mile from end to end
Streets of Gold
Airy Creatures Riddle
Eternal Problems
Head scratching puzzle
Nobody's ( April ) Fool
Hush - Hush Quiet Riddle
Riddler's Delight
Riddle of Nothing
The Ultimate Riddle
Night Delight ?
Limbs in Limbo ?
Earth Moving Riddle
I will be with you
Torment of Man
Ancient Mariner ?
Sky dancer


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